Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Background:)

Thank you to Michelle at The 3am Teacher for my beautiful new background!  I was going to link up for flashback Friday but my internet was down on Friday.  Tonight while I was blog stocking browsing, I was so excited to not only find a free background but its CHEVRON! I have a huge slight obsession with this pattern:)  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Michelle! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  


  1. That looks so cute!!!

    I have some directions for you so that the background is not repeated and stays in the background...(if you want it to..LOL)

    Go to Layout>Template Designer>Background

    In the background menu,
    Align: Top, Center (which it looks like yours is)

    Under the alignment drop-down is the Tile drop down menu...choose "DON'T TILE"

    And last, UNCHECK the option to scroll with the page.


    I love how it looks!!! I just couldn't bring myself to change my color templates from the yellow, teal, black, grey & red to anything else..hahaha...The colors completely fit my personality, but I didn't want the other backgrounds to go to waste...they were too per-tee..hahaha

    LOVE IT!! Thank you for sharing (-;
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  2. Your blog looks adorable! I love all of Michelle's designs, but this background might be my favorite! :)
    Teaching With Style