Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election Activities and Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Last night I stayed up WAY to late watching the election coverage but it was worth it to see all of the live covereage!  Needles to say I needed an extra cup of pumpkin spice coffee this morning and maybe another cup after school.(shhhhhh)

My new obsession with pumpkin spice started after a co-worker and I made a trip to starbucks and I was immediately hooked on pumpkin spice latte. (Usually I order black tea/lemondate) In a perfect world I would make a trip to Starbucks every morning but their isn't one on my route to school! (Probably good for the budget!) On a late night run to wal-mart for craft supplies, I found Pumpkin Spice coffee from Dunkin Donuts and Pumpkin Spice Creamer which has been a FABULOUS way to start my mornings this fall!  

Tomorrow my teacher cadett will complete a follow up election activity with my class on writing a letter to the President! She has already prepared an example letter on a poster board to use as an example and the students will get a chance to write their own letters! This group has totally blown me away with their enthusiasm, opinions, and creativity with the election activities! I can't wait to see the look on their face when we tell them the letters will be mailed to the White House on Friday!!!!! I cannot take credit for this activity but this has been a great addition to our week of election activities!
 This was another amazing activity from Teacher to the Core

Check out her blog to see all of her other fabulous ideas!


 We are out of school on Friday for Arkansas Education Association meetings so tomorrow is our Friday! Have a fabulous weekend:)

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